Vintage 2015 // 25.10.2015

Lesemannschaft in der Mittagspause

We are ready.


With the energetic support of our friends, customers, and employees, today, we collected the last grapes from the vineyard. Four demanding, but nice, weeks are behind us, and the specific height of each individual one can now be fully seen. The grape-must from the first grapes is already fermenting diligently, and our grapes from the steepest slopes – which, in the end, are intended for our quality wines – will soon join them.

While the familiar bubbling of the fermentation tube can be heard from the cellar, we can start looking back at this year’s harvest. 


An exceptionally beautiful summer lies behind us. Our grapevines coped with the minimal precipitation quite well, obtaining their necessary water supply through their deep-growing roots. In contrast to previous years, cool nights ensured that the grapes were in excellent health and that rot and pest infestations were hardly noticeable. As a result, we are full of confidence and excitement as we look forward to spring, when our wines will show their character and we’ll fill up the first containers.


With this in mind, it has been remarked that an era is coming to an end with the 2015 vintage. The 2015 vintage will be the last of its kind produced using the conventional method. In 2016, we will have accomplished our goal of switching over to ecological viticulture across the board, which we have worked toward for three years. We are convinced that this step represents a further quality improvement and will once more offer nature the level of careful attentiveness that it deserves. In the end, nature has spoiled us with excellent wines throughout all these years, and it is times that its importance is recognized in the production process.


Until we reach that point next year, we’re keeping a watchful eye on our cellar, and we look forward to being able to enjoy the 2015 vintage together with you in a few months.